Here is what some of Joan's clients have to say --

"The clutter and mess were unbearable.  We grew too fast to know what type of organization we needed, let alone have the time to implement it.  Joan worked with us while our business continued to grow.  She understood our different personalitites and complimented them.  It is the BEST thing we have done for our business."  

" It felt so good to walk into an organized and clutter free office.  I feel re-energized! Thanks so much for your help.  I really needed and appreciate it."

"It has been so long since you could see the floor, the whole floor and nothing but the floor!"

"I was preparing to move out of my apartment and was feeling overwhelmed by my lack of organization and preparation. A friend of mine recommended The Organized Advantage and I couldn’t have been happier that she did. During an initial phone call Joan gave me some easy tips to help make my life easier for the move.  When it came to the moving day it was a sight to see Joan work. As a relatively disorganized male I found myself dumbfounded by the simplicity and effectiveness of her methods. I would strongly recommend Joan to anyone who feels overwhelmed, under prepared or just needs a helping hand. Her organizational abilities, professionalism and friendliness made my move as simple and pleasant as it ever could have been. Thanks again Joan! "

"Working with Joan at The Organized Advantage for the From Good Homes 2009 Reunion concerts at the Wellmont Theater in Montclair was a pleasure from the beginning of the project to the end.  Joan is very detailed oriented and had so many good ideas to help us set up and sell all our merchandise on site at the theater. Everything Joan said she would do she did, and did perfectly.  I felt completely confident to have her and her team in charge of our merchandise.  It was such a relief, because it really enabled the band to concentrate on what we do best: make music. After this experience with The Organized Advantage I would definitely use Joan again in this capacity and would feel equally as comfortable getting Joan involved with just about any project I was involved in. "